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Surety Bond Claims

ROKEN specializes in assessment, management and litigation support services for sureties. ROKEN assists our clients by identifying risks and minimizing the financial impact of covered losses. ROKEN conducts investigations, independent evaluations and provides management services to effectively resolve of all types of surety claims. Our involvement in a claims assignment can occur anytime from the initial claim filed by an obligee, to the relet or completion of defaulted work. Our work is focused on identification and clarification of disputes, and developing and implementing solutions that promote cost effective completion of the project.

ROKEN services include the following:

  • Bond Claim Review
  • Rapid (one-day) project evaluations
  • Preparation of cost to complete construction estimates Termination Reports
  • Relet one or multiple projects
  • On-site project management
  • Jobsite Inspections
  • Contract Administration
  • Bid Evaluations
  • Change Order Evaluation
  • Preparation and/or analysis of project CPM schedules 
  • Preparation of weekly or monthly progress reports
  • Evaluation and defense of affirmative claims
  • Preparation and presentation of claims
  • Completion Contracting

Even a carefully planned and well managed project can encounter claims and disputes. How the claims and disputes are handled makes a significant difference in the level of success of the project. ROKEN specializes in investigation, management and resolution of the following types of claims:

  • Contract Surety Claims (performance and payment bond) 
  • Construction Claims (delay, out-of-contract work, etc.)
  • Property and Casualty Claims (construction defects)
  • Professional Liability Claims (negligence)

Our basic approach to investigation and resolution of claims starts with rapid, in-depth discovery and review of project documents to define dispute issues, including interviews with project personnel, investigation of documented evidence, and independent, objective evaluation of the contract terms and conditions. Our claims work focuses on three primary objectives: 

Liability Identification

    • Document Research
    • Contract Analysis
    • Cause/Effect Analysis

 Damage Assessment

    • Cost Analysis
    • Schedule Impact Analysis
    • Delay Damages
    • Productivity Impact Evaluation


    • Claim Preparation
    • Claim Analysis/Response
    • Presentations
    • Dispute Resolution

ROKEN maintains communications with stakeholders, qualifies contractors, assesses and monitors corrective action, controls costs, and recommends reserve estimates.  ROKEN provides periodic (weekly to monthly) status reports that include payment status, potential damages, affirmative claims, schedule, current activity, issues/concerns and attachments (e.g., updated CPM schedule, project photographs, change order log, accounts payable, etc.).  Our work is designed to expedite project completion and minimize costs to the surety. We are on-call 365-days a year and ready to rapidly respond, investigate and manage claims throughout the US and internationally.