ROKEN Engineering Services

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Manufacturing Company – Design and management of groundwater investigation regarding a historical release of solvents at former metal fabrication facility.  Conducted cone penetrometer testing and groundwater monitoring programs.  Designed and installed multi depth groundwater wells network, conducted aquifer pumping tests, prepared 3D fate and transport model and remediation plans. Liaison with property owners, regulatory agencies and other stakeholders. 

Transport Company  – Investigation and remediation of fuel tanker spill on a mountain road in the San Bernardino National Forest.  Managed emergency response actions and regulatory affairs. Conducted bioremediation of impacted areas along the stream.  Performed sediment and stream sampling in ravine and at downstream sensitive receptor locations.  Conducted biological resources assessment and monitoring.  Reported to U.S. Forest Service and state water quality board and obtained regulatory site closure through a joint agency MOU.

Developer – Provided environmental services for acquisition and development of properties for low income housing projects.  Prepare workplans and obtain permits for site development. Conduct environmental assessments, environmental investigations and site remediation.  Assess the potential human health risks and ecological risks for conditions in soil, water, air.  Identify, quantify and manage hazardous materials and hazardous waste.  Liaison with regulatory agencies to represent client’s business interests.

Port of Los Angeles  – Decommissioning and demolition of manufacturing site.  Removed large above ground storage tanks and conducted an environmental investigation to characterize environmental conditions in soil and groundwater beneath the site. Prepared closure plan for removal of soil containing lead and mercury.  Completed soil removal action with confirmation sampling and obtained regulatory site closure from Port of Los Angeles Environmental Management Division.

Mining – Investigated allegations presented in complaint regarding historical mining operations along the James Creek watershed and the impact of mining waste to the Boulder County drinking water sources.  Prepared investigation report that provided critical information to determine liability and prepare pre-trial settlement.

Manufacturing Company  – Investigation and remediation of soil and groundwater conditions at an engine manufacturing and repair plant. Obtained regulatory site closure through the state’s Voluntary Cleanup Program. 

Port of Stockton - Performed marine geophysical surveys along West Complex in deep water channel to identify buried objects.  Used marine cesium optical vapor magnetometer with on board GPS.  Survey identified numerous large buried objects in area of planned dredging.  Presented findings to Port managers to supplement dredging plans

Insurance Co..   Managed emergency response and remedial action related to a petroleum tank release.  Replaced water supply system, implemented corrective action program. Obtained regulatory site closure from state regulatory agency.

Financial – Conducted Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and Property Condition Assessments at various properties throughout the US. For California properties also conducted building seismic analysis to determine the maximum probable loss.

Insurance – Investigated claim regarding the presence of lead in soil encountered during multi million dollar expansion of a downtown art museum.  Determined that lead was released from multiple sources including lead based paint and aerially distributed lead (most notably from leaded gasoline emissions).